Why Do Biomedical Engineering Overseas?


Today, leadership and innovation in several scientific and technological fields, including biomedical engineering, happens as much outside the United States as it does within the U.S. It is no longer unusual that formal and informal biomedical engineering programs are being established in many countries, and that some of the leading industrial research and development activities are being conducted overseas. U.S. campuses, meanwhile, are facing requirements that science and technology students of all levels, including those in BME, be more familiar with the international aspects of their fields.

In addition to providing an enriching experience to emerging leaders which will enhance a person’s background in BME, the field as a whole will benefit from the increased interaction of U.S.-educated biomedical engineers with their overseas colleagues.

To encourage such interaction, The Whitaker Foundation established the Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program administered by the Institute of International Education. The goal of the Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program is to assist in the development of professional leaders who are not only superb engineers and scientists, but who also will lead and serve the profession with an international outlook.

We encourage emerging leaders in biomedical engineering interested in international experience, and campuses wishing to internationalize their graduate studies, to take advantage of this program.

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