Paul Loriaux

Whitaker International Fellow, 2007-08

Home Institution: University of California, San Diego

Host Country, Institution: France, L'Institut Pasteur, Paris

Project Title: Modeling Negative signaling via the FcgRIIB Antigen-Antibody Complex Receptor

Project Abstract:

I propose to extend and apply the computational modeling techniques developed at the Los Alamos National Labs for simulating very large systems of biochemical reactions to the antibody-antigen receptor (FcR) system, which is studied in the lab of Dr. Marc Daeron. The purpose of this project is to evaluate Dr. Daeron's theory that concomitant negative signals during positive FcR signaling inhibit mast cell degranulation (the primary cause of allergy and anaphylaxis) in healthy individuals, but are somehow compromised in individuals who suffer from allergies.

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