Michelle Berny

Whitaker International Fellow, 2007-08

Home Institution: Oregon Health & Science University

Host Country, Institution: Netherlands, University of Maastricht

Project Title: Spatiotemporal Aspects of Platelet Activation: a Novel Antithrombotic Strategy Targeting Cytoskeletal Regulation

Project Abstract:

The vascular system represents an exquisite feat of bioengineering, whereby fluid (blood) flow and mass transfer are intimately integrated with and actively regulate the response of vascular cells, such as blood platelets. Platelet activation and adhesion after trauma to a blood vessel is required to stop hemorrhage, whereas a similar event in diseased blood vessels can lead to the pathological formation of thrombi, leading to heart attack and stroke. In this study we aim to determine the role of platelet cytoskeletal reorganization on thrombus formation and stability, which may form the basis for the development of a novel antithrombotic strategy targeted at regulation of the platelet cytoskeleton.

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