John Baeten

Whitaker International Fellow, 2007-08

Home Institution: Milwaukee School of Engineering

Host Country, Institution: Germany, Technical University of Munich

Project Title: Fluorescence Molecular Tomography in the Application of Visualizing Tumor Responses to Therapy

Project Abstract:

Molecular imaging of small animals, when combined with fluorescent markers, is showing great promise as an investigational tool for biomedical research and drug exploration. One modality, Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT), has been shown to surpass many of the imaging capacities of other modalities which are currently used to determine drug efficacy. My lab at Harvard University (LBMI) has helped pioneer the development of FMT. Together with the Technical University of Munich (TUM), this technology is developing. With the recent expansion of TUM, and state of the art FMT, my goal is to visualize tumor responses to chemotherapeutic solutions to investigate new marketable therapies.

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