Matthew Major

Whitaker International Fellow, 2006-07

Home Institution: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Host Country, Institution: United Kingdom, University of Salford

Project Title: User-Responsive Prosthetic for Lower Extremities

Project Abstract:

This project will study the influence of various prosthetic components, properties, and devices on energy expenditure of the user. The subjects observed in this investigation will include a diverse population of above and below knee amputees. This knowledge will be used to develop a user-responsive, lower-limb prosthetic that modifies component parameters as a result of real-time, bio-feedback measurements. Such a device will continuously monitor physiological parameters to ensure that a minimal energy-usage level can be maintained. This will guarantee that users are never over-exerting themselves and incurring potentially harmful stresses, regardless of user age, amputation level, or environment.

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