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The application cycle for the 2007-2008 competition opened on August 25, 2006. The deadline for applications to be received at IIE is Monday, January 29th, 2007.


All applications must be submitted by both a single hard copy and electronically. They should be mailed to IIE's New York Office for receipt by January 29th, 2007 and also be submitted electronically by the deadline in order to qualify for awards for the 2007-2008 academic year.

All applicants should review the detailed instructions on application procedure before beginning the online application.

The online application will generate a PDF document automatically, which applicants will print, sign, and send to IIE. To see what your auto-generated document would look like, click to see a sample PDF (283 KB). Note: you need Adobe Reader or a similar program to view PDF documents.

Supplemental Forms

The below forms are required components of a complete application, and must be submitted with the hard copy application form. To download the PDFs below, click on the link and print or save the document to your computer.

Dean of a School or Chair of Biomedical Engineering Department’s Nomination
Letters of Reference (three are required)
Foreign Language Report

A complete application also requires a Letter of Support from an in-country host institution or supervisor. This should be submitted on institutional letterhead. In the event that you are applying for a degree program where it is not possible to obtain a letter of acceptance by the Whitaker Program’s deadline, then a letter of support from a faculty member within the relevant department at the proposed institution is recommended.

Click for the Online Application Form

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